Zombie Attack Strikes Fear

A Miami-Dade Police Department cruiser, a Ford...

A Miami-Dade Police Department cruiser, a Ford Crown Victoria interceptor, parked outside of Dolphin Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Miami was the site of a horrible attack on Saturday that was dubbed the ‘zombie attack’ due to its brutal and horrific nature.  Rudy Eugene, a 31 year old man was witnessed on MacArthur Causeway eating the face of 65 year old Ronald Poppo.  The witness, Larry Vega, immediately found a police officer who went to the scene and tried desperately to stop the attacker, but Eugene only growled at him and continued tearing the flesh from Poppo’s face with his teeth.  The officer had to resort to shooting Eugene, which did not initially stop him from his brutal attack and more shots had to be fired, killing Eugene in order to free his victim.

The scene has been referred to as bloody, horrific, terrifying and many other words used to describe nightmarish scenes that one would never expect to encounter in reality.  It is unclear as to what exactly took place, although both men were found naked at the time of the attack and it is noted that Poppo was a homeless man living under the Causeway.

There appears to be evidence that Eugene may have been under the influence of ‘bath salts,’ an amphetamine type drug that causes increased strength, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations among other symptoms.  It was also noted that Eugene’s ex girlfriend said that he had tendencies towards violence and paranoia, which could all have contributed to this brutal attack.

Poppo was taken to Jackson Memorial hospital in critical condition.  Witnesses state that the flesh was ripped to the bone at his forehead and his nose and mouth were missing.  Most of his face was eaten away by Eugene who refused to stop his savage attack even after being shot.  Witnesses from the area said that this was not Eugene’s first visit to the area and that he often looked disoriented, which may point to continued drug use that could have ultimately led to this brutal attack.

The ‘bath salt’ drug is blamed for the gruesome brutality of the attack.  Armando Aguilar, Fraternal Order of Police President, said that these drugs cause people to take off their clothes and act out in very violent ways, losing all sense of reality.  This is not the first attack influenced by this drug; Aguilar reported that there were four similar attacks in the Miami-Dade area and physicians stated that they had seen patients under the influence of this drug exhibit violent tendencies and extreme strength as well as inability to reason or think clearly.

This new attack and new  information regarding this drug has caused fear about the possibility of future attacks and the rage that goes along with it.  It is possible that more ‘zombie attacks’ could be seen in the future, striking fear into people everywhere.


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