Update: Obama – Campaigning Early and Often in Colorado

Sunday’s sunshine and blue skies brought out an estimated 13,000 folks to hear President Obama speak to students and those gathered at the University of Colorado, Boulder. (CU)

Norlin Library, rear entrance, on University o...

Norlin Library, rear entrance, on University of Colorado at Boulder campus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being on the CU campus, the focus was on the youth vote for Obama.  Four years ago, the youth vote contributed 66% of those voting for Obama.  However in 2012 the excitement is waning  as compared to 2008.

To emphasize the importance of the youth vote, the Obama campaign has launched the  Rocky Mountain Rumble.  Playing on the intrastate College rivalry the Obama campaign wants to see which school can register more voters by Election Day.  Obama, campaigning at Colorado State University (CSU) last week, noted during the event that CSU had , “a little bit of a head start,” and was already up by 41 voters registered.

There were several Colorado Democrats who warmed up the gathered crowd prior to the Presidents remarks.  Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) spoke to the crowd ahead of the President taking the stage.  Hickenlooper will deliver a speech at the Democratic convention on Wednesday night.


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