Update – Midnight Movie Showing Turns Deadly.

A midnight showing at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater turned deadly overnight with the shooting death of 12  movie goers and another 71 shot or injured according to Aurora Police Chief Dan

Century Theatres

Century Theatres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oats.  The incident took place at the Town Center Mall at the Century 16 Theaters.  Local law enforcement has a suspect in custody and according to Aurora police spokesman, Frank Fania, “He did not resist.  He did not put up a fight.”

The suspect has been identified as 24 year old James Holmes,  who is a student at the University of Colorado Denver,  in the Neurosciences Department.  School officials say he was in the process of withdrawing from the program having enrolled in June of 2011.  Initial reports indicate that Holmes doesn’t appear to have a criminal record in Colorado.  According to the latest press briefing the suspect was dressed all in black, with ballistic helmet, ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, throat protector, groin protector. He had 4 weapons. AR-15 assault rifle, shotgun, and two Glock handguns.

Many of the injured or killed were young adults, teens or kids, ranging in age from 3 months to 45 years old. The 3 month old infant has been discharged and is doing well, according to a  hospital spokeswoman.  Many of the victims were rushed to local hospitals in police cars by the responding officers as there were not enough ambulances.

While a wide variety of law enforcement departments continue to process the theater scene, the focus has turned to the suspects booby trapped apartment.  The apartment is located near the intersection of Peoria and 17th, nearly four miles from the Town Center Mall.   Several apartments around the suspect’s apartment have been evacuated. Law enforcement officers are using surveillance cameras and a fire engine ladder to look inside Holmes’ apartment, which is located on the third floor.

The FBI has joined local police in the investigation. Aurora police said officers from agencies across the Denver metro area have been assisting them with the investigation,  including  SWAT Teams and bomb disposal units.


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