The Quick and the Dead


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Ashland today

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Ashland today (Photo credit: tvnewsbadge)

When U.S. embassies and interests in the Middle East came under attack and U.S. Ambassador  Christopher Stevens was sodomized and murdered on September 11, Mitt Romney issued a statement about how he believed the situation should be handled.  President Obama and his surrogates began saying that Romney shot first and aimed later.  President Obama’s gunfighter analogy may not be working for his campaign according to a new Bloomberg National Poll showing Romney ahead of President Obama 48-42 on who would be tougher on terrorism.

More information is becoming publicly available about the warnings from foreign intelligence services more than 48 hours before the attacks began.  As further evidence of Al-Qaeda’s involvement mounts, it appears that Romney hit a solid bulls-eye.  Romney blamed terrorists and said they must be brought to justice.  Meanwhile President Obama has been obsessing about Romney’s reaction and continues to blame a film producer even as Libyan officials are saying it was definitely a planned attack not a reaction to the film.
Obama keeps saying more information is needed which reminds one of the advertising exchange between Obama and Clinton during the 2008 Primary about who the voters wanted to answer the 3 a.m. emergency calls.  The voters got both President Obama on one end of the line and Secretary of State Clinton on the other and from the reports now available after that call Obama went to bed and Clinton began blaming a film producer for the violence and attacking Romney for saying those responsible should be punished.

The gunfighter analogy to the Obama surrogates is that Romney shoots from the hip and Obama takes careful aim but the old saying is that there are two kinds of gunfighter, the quick and the dead.  Romney shot quickly and hit the enemy while Obama has yet to identify that someone is shooting at us.  Fortunately, Obama’s death is a metaphorical political death but unfortunately the deaths of Americans caught in this violence are very literal.

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