Needles Found In Airline Sandwiches


English: Gate Gourmet truck 6768; Alaska Airli...

English: Gate Gourmet truck 6768; Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-890 N520AS; Gate C3; Gate C9; Ramp Control Tower; LSG Sky Chefs truck 6846 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four turkey sandwiches that were served on Delta flights were found to have sewing needles inserted into them.  This discovery raised a high alert and caused the airline to stop serving sandwiches and start serving pre-packaged food instead.


An investigation into how the needles ended up in the sandwiches has been started by the FBI, however no specific information is available yet.  All that is known is that these sandwiches were made by a company called Gate Gourmet located in Amsterdam.  Christina Ulosevich, the spokeswoman for the company, commented on how horrible the situation was and how upset the company is about it.  The company is in full cooperation with investigations about the incident and plans on launching its own investigation as well in order to find out what happened and why these needles ended up in the sandwiches.

One passenger was injured by a needle in one of the sandwiches, but declined medical treatment upon landing.  Kristin Baur, the spokeswoman for Delta, stated that as soon as the needles were found in the first two sandwiches, the 18 delta flights were alerted and all stopped serving these items and began serving pre-packaged foods and pizza instead.

Special Agent Stephen Emmett of the FBI said that the investigation is a criminal investigation.  Delta is also in strict cooperation with the FBI in order to help with this investigation.  So far, no reports of employees being terminated or placed on temporary leave have been reported for any of the involved companies, however it does not appear that Gate Gourmet is releasing further information until more research has been conducted and more is known about this crime.

Gate Gourmet manufactures sandwiches and food for multiple airlines, however they have claimed that there were not any problems noted with any other food.  The original planes that had food containing needles had been for flights to Minneapolis, Atlanta and Seattle.  According to CNN, TSA spokesman David Castelveter said, “”TSA continues to closely monitor the review of the incidents as well as the security protocols being conducted by the air carrier and the airport authority.”

Although no motive has been discovered yet behind the tampering of these food products, investigations will continue until the source of the needles is found with hopes that further information will lead to how and why this food was distributed with the harmful inserts.  Further comments from Gate Gourmet are not being released at this time.



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