Memorial Day Honors Fallen Heroes

Gravesites located in a very new section of Fo...

Gravesites located in a very new section of Fort Logan National Cemetery. Photo taken by me (Anthony (Tony) H. Massey) on May 28, 2006. aardvarkage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memorial Day started out as a day to recognize those who died during the Civil War.  After World War I, this holiday began to expand to cover all service members who lost their lives in war.  Memorial Day became a nationally recognized holiday in 1971.  It is assumed that Memorial Day was placed toward the end of May so that flowers to decorate the graves would be in bloom all over the United States.

This day, that dates back to the Civil War and was formerly known as Decoration Day, is one that many people hold dear to their heart.  Americans all over take a moment to reflect on the veterans who have served us and given us our freedom at the cost of their lives.  Traditions, such as placing flags on each grave of a veteran, date back to the Civil War time and are still alive today.  As Memorial Day fades from dawn into dusk, one can go out to the cemetery and see all of the flags, flowers, decorations and love that honor these heroes.

Today, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance.  Memorial Day was created to honor those who have fallen in war, sacrificing their lives to serve our country.  An initiative known as the National Moment of Remembrance was passed in 2000.  This initiative asks that everyone take a pause at 1500 (that’s 3:00 p.m. in the non-military world) to stop and honor those that have given so much for us.

Although a lot of people consider Memorial Day an extra day off of work for fishing, camping, playing golf or grilling, the true meaning of this day is not lost on everyone.  There are many families of fallen service men and women who take flowers to graves, volunteers who put up flags, friends who honor their comrades, and people who pray and are thankful for those that gave the ultimate gift.

Memorial Day is a day to take pause and truly remember what these men and women did for us.  While we are free to go about our day to day routines and live in a safe country, these men and women gave up their lives.  It is important for Americans to take the time to do what this day was truly intended for and honor our fallen heroes.  Thank you to all who gave the ultimate gift of freedom by sacrificing their lives.





3 Responses to Memorial Day Honors Fallen Heroes

  1. Jake May 28, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    All gave some, some gave all. You are remembered my brothers and sisters…

    • Alan_Levesque May 28, 2012 at 1:27 pm

      Thanks for commenting. Have a great weekend Jake.

    • Sarah May 29, 2012 at 3:37 am

      Absolutely! Thanks for the comment Jake!


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