Massacre of the Innocent in Syria

English: Mr. Kofi Annan, former General Secrat...

English: Mr. Kofi Annan, former General Secratery of the United Nations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bloodshed continues in Syria and it seems there is no end in sight.  On the heels of the constant bombings and endless displays of death and tragedy came a weekend massacre that left the world in shock and awe.  This horrible display of brutality took the lives of over 100 individuals, including 49 children and 34 women according to the United Nations (UN).

This tragic event has sparked further concern about the death toll rising in Syria and the seeming inability to stop it.  The ceasefire that had been ordered is deemed useless at this point and it doesn’t appear that interventions of pleading or demands of laying down of weapons are helping the situation.

There is hypothetical debate as to what actually happened in Syria when all of these innocent citizens were killed, but much points to Syrian forces that were using heavy weapons in highly populated civilian areas.  Special envoy Kofi Annan has been pleading for a cease in use of weapons in Syria, especially after this tragic event, but it seems as though the pleas fall upon deaf ears.

In the aftermath of this massacre, it appears that there was a combination of forces involved.  Some of the deaths were from shellings while others were close range shootings and stabbings.  The violence was brutal, although the details of the event are still unclear.  Syria seems to be picking up the lead in brutality requiring outside forces to intervene, much as has been seen in places such as Bosnia and Iraq in the past.  Many countries are growing disgusted by the brutality and backing away from Syria at this time, including Russia which has been an ally.

The UN placed blame on Syrian military forces for the shellings that ultimately took many lives, however there is still a vast amount of unknown information as to what exactly took place during this massacre.  Some say the military was involved in the close range shooting and stabbing of victims while others are firm in believing that the Syrian military was protecting itself and remains innocent.  In either circumstance, the UN states that international law has been violated by allowing innocent citizens to be killed in a use of excessive force.

The pleas for peace in Syria continue, yet the bloodshed seems unstoppable.  Despite the efforts of the UN and the requests of Kofi Annan, the death toll continues to rise in Syria, sparking debate as to what can be done and what the future holds for Syria in this time of increasing tragedy and death.


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