Church Bombing in Nigeria Proves Deadly


Abuja National Mosque

Abuja National Mosque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Living Faith Church in Yalwa, just outside the city of Bauchi, came under attack by a suicide bomber on Sunday while worship services were being held.  A reported 15 people were killed and 42 were injured when the explosion occurred.  The detonated bomb was intense enough to bring the church down, collapsing on the innocent people within its walls.  Boko Haram, a militant group that took credit for last year’s Christmas church bombings, is thought to be responsible simply because they have claimed responsibility for past events, however the exact details are still unknown.


Nigeria is torn between Muslims who predominantly reside in the north and Christians in the south.  However, citizens are now frustrated and scared, some even stating that allowing Muslims and Christians to reside side by side is a danger to the citizens.  People have made claims that it may be beneficial for Nigeria to split, thus separating the two groups.  These type of statements create worry that this already torn country could move to a further state of separation and may even preclude combat and warfare.  The government has also been blamed for a lack of protection of the citizens, thus strengthening the underlying issues that are causing such turmoil in Nigeria.

This latest church bombing has caused up-rise about what is to be done.  Nigeria is plagued by difficulty in dealing with both religious and ethnic differences that have led to violence and ultimately to the deaths of innocent citizens.  Boko Haram is blamed for much of this violence and has been considered responsible for over 1,000 deaths in various locations such as churches, the United Nations Headquarters and many public places.  This militant group has been actively attacking these types of places since 2009 and, in light of the newest bombing, does not appear to be resting any time soon.  The group was originally founded by Mohammad Yusuf several years before in protest of man made laws and in favor of sharia law.  This jihadist terrorist group has become infamous for attacking Christian churches far more than any other activity.  Boko Haram translates to mean “Western education is sinful” and is well known for the terrorist activity that it has stirred in Nigeria.  The seeming lack of ability to stop this force has caused great turmoil in Nigeria among innocent citizens who have become afraid to worship without fear of being attacked.

This newest bombing is definitely not the first of its kind, and it does not appear as though it will be the end for Nigeria.

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