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Deep Purple Keyboardist Jon Lord Dead at 71

Deep Purple Keyboardist Jon Lord Dead at 71

Iconic keyboardist Jon Lord has passed away at 71 due to a pulmonary embolism. Lord, who had been receiving treatments in Israel for pancreatic cancer died at a private hospital in London surrounded by family.  Lord, a founding member of Deep Purple is likely best remembered for his swirling keyboard work on Deep Purples “Hush” [...]

Bill Whittle On Fast and Furious

Bill Whittle On Fast and Furious

      In this Pajamasmedia video, Bill Whittle breaks down the ideological reasons behind the implementation of operation “Fast and Furious.” Mr. Whittle puts…

Actor Richard Dawson Dies at 79

Actor Richard Dawson Dies at 79

  Iconic actor and game show host Richard Dawson, born Colin Lionel Emm, in Gosport, Hampshire, England has passed away after a struggle with esophageal…

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