Alien Skull Found in Cuzco, Peru?

©RPPNoticias / Cesar Zepata

Has an alien skull been found in Peru?

That’s exactly what the discoverer of an anomalous skeleton in Andahuaylillas, Renato Davila Riquelme, would have you believe.

The skeleton was found south of Cuzco, at an Apu (sacred mountain) associated with Viracocha, the creator god of the Inca civilization.

The skull, which is elongated (nearly 20 inches in length) and strangely deformed, features a number of odd characteristics, among which are extraordinarily large eye sockets, much larger than those of an average human being.

Skull elongation was common among ancient peoples, for reasons as yet unknown. It was accomplished by binding the head of an infant from birth with cotton cords and pieces of wood, gradually modifying the appearance of the skull throughout the first few years of life, until a dramatic cone shape eventually resulted.

The remains of the Paracas culture along the shores of southwest Peru abound with examples of purposefully deformed and elongated skulls.

But the Andahuaylillas skull boasts other unique features, which its discoverer says are inconsistent with human anatomy: it has a “soft spot” (a portion of the skull which has not entirely closed) which would seem to indicate that the skeletal remains are those of an infant, and yet it also possesses two large molars, common to older adults.

Additionally, Riquelme claims that the skull has been examined by both Spanish and Russian anthropologists, all of whom concur that the skeleton is not that of a human being.

Futher tests must be conducted, says Riquelme, and the organic remains of a large eye in one of the sockets will help to determine whether or not its genetic makeup is consistent with that of modern homo sapiens.

Until then, Riquelme is adamant: “Although the assessment was superficial,”  he says, “it is obvious that [the skull's] features do not correspond to any ethnic group in the world.”


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