About The Axiom Report

The Axiom Report was created in an effort to provide our readers with timely, trustworthy news reporting. The so called Main Stream Media has exhibited a level of bias that seriously calls into question their ability to provide news that can be trusted. Rather than investigate a story to its logical and truthful conclusion, it seems that more and more the Main Stream Media arrives at a conclusion and then works its investigation backwards ignoring any revelations that might change their predetermined conclusion. We want the truth and we believe you do too. We will provide the news without bias or spin. We will report the news, not make it. We will, at all times, be ethical. If we don’t like the truth, we will report it anyway. It is what it is. If we get it wrong, we will correct it. If the Main Stream Media is incapable of doing their job, we will just have to do it for them.


Alan Levesque


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